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We Made It!

Daiju KurabayashiHiro Fujii

Greetings for Fans

YES! We made it! It's finally done! We are very happy to announce the release of the El Gigante comic! Many thanks to Luchagore's awesome fans for their patience. We gave maximum effort to capture the gory, dirty intensity of Luchagore's hit short film, El Gigante! As soon as you open the comic, you'll smell the filthy blood on the pages! We gaurantee you're gonna love it!

HUGE thanks to Gigi, Raynor, Luke, Shane and all of Luchagore's associates for allowing us to make this comic! As big fans of Luchagore, we are proud of our work! It's a dream come true! We can die happy!

- Daiju Kurabayashi (comic artist)
- Hiro Fujii (comic producer / designer)


ついにエルギガンテ漫画を完成させることができましたのは、無上の喜びであります。待っていてくれたLUCHAGOREファンのみなさん!ありがとう!できたよ!短編映画『El Gigante』の持つ強烈なゴアゴアイメージを漫画にすることに、私たちは全身全霊を賭けて注力しました。漫画を開くと血の匂いが立ちのぼることでしょう。


倉林大樹 (コミックアーティスト)
Hiro Fujii (コミックプロデューサー/デザイナー)

From Luchagore Productions


El Gigante, the short film based on Shane McKenzie’s novel Muerte Con Carne, has been a massive hit for Luchagore Productions, playing in festivals worldwide and receiving critical acclaim. We are pleased to announce that the film has now been turned into a graphic novel by the extremely talented team of Hiro Fujii and Daiju Kurabayashi from Japan! The vibrant colors and eye-popping visuals of the comic perfectly capture the tone of the film, and this is sure to be a huge hit with fans of the story. The blood and gore ooze from the pages, and will leave the reader feeling dirty and filthy, yet satisfied!

- Gigi Saul Guerrero (Luchagore Productions)


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Let's Hear What People Say!

  • “Sick, depraved, and twisted! EL GIGANTE delivers four-color splat-tastic horror ideal for gore hounds.”

    - Rob Galluzzo from Blumhouse.com

  • “A sublimely graphic iteration of Luchagore's original barbaric beat down.”

    - Howard Gorman from Scream Horror Magazine

  • “If Leatherface took a trip to Japan via Mexico he'd be reading this while eating BBQ & flesh tacos.”


  • “Luchagore’s sick and twisted minds and Kurabayashi’s sick and twisted illustrations are the things of nightmares! Just when we thought it was not possible to make Luchagore’s El Gigante any more sick, twisted and shocked with color, Japanese gore-hound Kurabayashi-san has taken it to another unholy level. I love it!”

    - Andrew Mack from SCREEN ANARCHY

  • “El Gigante: the comic delivers a hyper-kinetic gorefest of fun!”

    - Raven Banner

  • “Bright, brilliant and brutal as Hell.Every bit as disturbing as the short film.”

    - Michael DeFellipo from HORROR SOCIETY

  • “A hurricanrana of vibrant, chaotic, gore!”

    Bloodbath and Beyond

  • “Daiju Kurabayashi and Hiro Fujii takes to a whole new level the gory and successful short film by Lucha Gore, El Gigante. With sadistic traces and hyperbolic violence, makes a real delight for both comic and Lucha Gore fans.”

    - Edna Campos from MACABRO FILM FESTIVAL

  • “Bold in both vision and execution, this bloody comic version of the short film by Luchagore delivers a gory, gut wrenching experience. I love the two or three panel pages, vivid colours and sparing dialogue. Never, for me, have 'THUD' and 'CLOMP' induced such dread.”

    - Nicholas Vince

  • “Have you ever felt your eyeball flinch in it's socket? I have. It came reading the 2D assault on my eyes that was HorrorShox's take on EL GIGANTE. Few could have depicted the brutal bloodbath that is hallmark or this grisly short, but this descent into horrific madness will do well, lurking on the shelves with other esteemed graphic novels.”

    - Tristan Risk (American Mary)

  • “Get a tortilla, stuff it with sushi and put on top a mixture made out of salsa, wasabi and poutine gravy… then you'll get EL GIGANTE!!! It's awesome how cultural ideologies are mixed together in this piece of art, Grate story, awesome graphic art and the most important, bloody as fuck! Cabrones, what else could you ask for?”

    - Lex Ortega (Atroz, Mexico Barbaro)

  • “With the manga adaptation of Luchagore Productions' EL GIGANTE, Hiro Fujii and Daiju Kurabyashi succeed in capturing the film's grimy brutality - you can feel the blood, heat and grindhouse vibe radiating from every panel. Not for the squeamish and very much NSFW!”

    - Ron McKenzie from Rue Morgue Magazine

  • “Channeling an essence of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” as well as the spectacle of LuchaLibre wrestling, reading the “El Gigante” comic is falling into an inferno that floods your mind with raw emotion, unsettling visuals, vivid color, potent gore and welcomed ultra-violence. We are voyeurs into the mystery of the heritage, twisted reflection of two family’s survival and the immersive feel within each disturbing panel. As you are held captive within each page, you feel the desperation in each word and expression. The unbalanced haze of being so close to the family’s layer even though you know it’s not real. You cringe at the bones breaking, hooks being yanked through the skin and the blood squirting within each panel. This ferocious 2D battle royale is dirty and has a vile breath of originality that could only come from the diabolical minds at Luchagore Films who arguably bring to life a more vibrant, expressive and vicious than their incredible short film.”

    - Jay Kay from Horror Happens Radio

  • “El Gigante: The Comic captures the manic pace & ultra-violence of the film, and somehow manages to turn it up to 11! It's the exact type of crazy you expect from anything Luchagore!”

    - Mike Hickey from FRIGHT HYPE

  • “El Gigante is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in the squared circle. It's a fever dream leaping off the top turnbuckle to deliver gore-filled brawls in a luchador mask.”

    - James Ferguson from HorrorTalk.com

  • “Perfectly captures the brutal visceral essence of the film!”

    - Martin Unsworth from Starburst Magazine

  • “With El Gigante, Gigi Guerrero and her team of Luchagore hit the nail on the head and the heart of Mexican people; immigrating to the USA in search for the American dream is close to the heart of most immigrants. Depicting it's turmoil and grouse reality with the gore genre is not only cleaver but it opens up a door that most don't want to face as the reality if more horrific than we care to imagine.”

    - José Luis Ortega Torres from CINEFAGIA MEXICO

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